We work with bio-pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices startups, and companies, helping them solve significant challenges in various areas such as clinical and financial analysis, drug discovery, product launch, life cycle management, commercial strategy, valuation, and optimization of operations. On the commercial side, our practice is distinguished by the way we integrate our capabilities in pharmaco-economics, epidemiology, biostatistics, pricing and contracting strategies, data sourcing, and data science infrastructure to provide our clients with a comprehensive approach to problem-solving. For this, we apply our analytical expertise to health economics and outcomes research, market access and commercial strategy, and health care policy engagements, as well as drug safety-related engagements in epidemiology. On the R&D side, we use epidemiological and biostatistical methods to develop empirical and real-world evidence based on a range of data sources. We focus on identifying targets and biomarkers for new drugs, optimal matching of patients with a therapeutic regimen.

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