We developed data interchange formats to bridge information coming from patient health records and information recorded by wearables, mobile devices and other non – clinical systems (e.g. nutritional, sleep, exercise, mental health). We then explored opportunities afforded by this enriched data set and suitable machine learning techniques to improve care, wellbeing and customer experience.

    About the Client

    Collaboration between leading UK universities and hospital networks

    Business Issue

      What additional data points could complement a clinical health record?
      What are the benefits of incorporating additional data points into a personal health record?
      What data science techniques are suitable to analyze data found in personal health records?
      What are the practical data science applications, which could lead to improved outcomes?

    Business Consulting Solution

    We have delivered an overall data strategy by
      identifying care pathways which could benefit from an extended personal health record
      assessing technical options for data integration and standardization
      identifying opportunities to leverage this enriched dataset and appropriate machine learning techniques to improve patient clinical outcomes and overall customer experience
      investigating opportunities for personal health records to support prevention, wellness and public health interventions.


    At the end of the exercise, a number of patient services were selected as candidates that could take advantage of the integrated data platform. A proof of concept technical implementation was delivered in collaboration with academic partners.