Payers, providers, and regulators are increasingly looking at new types of data and evidence when evaluating price and value – especially for innovative products. Understanding how these stakeholders define value, which evidence data matters, and where your portfolio may face risk worldwide is an essential element in any market access strategy to protect and expand commercial success. Furthermore, companies need to understand how their product can differentiate itself in the market even after the patent has expired. We can help you from the early stages of concept and strategy development to late commercialization and life cycle management stages.


    A successful value proposition for all life sciences products, including drugs, medical devices, and diagnostics, must be accompanied by product value evidence. We work with clients in all development and commercialization phases to identify market access challenges, opportunities, and evidence-generation activities to support successful outcomes. Our capabilities include:

      Analyze the competitive landscape, and identify evidence requirements
      Evaluate product attributes and opportunities for evidence generation, the strength of supporting evidence, and opportunities to fill gaps
      Develop a detailed roadmap for evidence generation and communication of product value
      Assess of clinical and economic value versus alternatives in early phases, using modeling and simulation
      Develop value proposition and key-value messages, supported by evidence and research to gain an understanding of stakeholder needs
      Identify trends across segments and geographies

    HDI Group has developed unique methodologies that enable biopharmaceutical organizations to make robust pricing across therapeutic areas, geographies, channels, and product types. Our capabilities include: Pricing Strategies, Contracting and Tendered Business Management, Competitive Response Strategies, Copay and Other Patient Support Solutions. Notably, we can help you:

      Evaluate pricing and market access options for pipeline products
      Create pricing models to support and evaluate key decisions
      Develop integrated pricing strategies for launch products
      Design and implement innovative pricing, contracting, and reimbursement arrangements
      Review and optimize the performance of contracting and global tendered business
      Conduct competitive-response simulations
      Design and deliver high return on investment copay support solutions
      Assess and develop integrated care and other novel care delivery models
      Develop models that forecast revenue, estimate product and portfolio value and return on investment, and that simulate the clinical and economic value
      Partner with clients early in the product life cycle to establish the evidence strategy to support a winning value proposition for stakeholders globally
     Develop best-practice pricing and bid tools and processes for contracting and tender business management
      Conduct advanced payer analytics, including segmentation, performance tracking, and payer impact modeling
      Develop strategic responses to branded, biosimilar, and generic competition

    To effectively help our clients communicate the clinical, economic and humanistic value of their products to key stakeholders, we provide the following services:
      Support reimbursement submissions and health technology assessments across global markets
      Develop dossiers for the assessment of new technologies, such as diagnostics, including dossiers that are designed to meet policy requirements
      Synthesize available evidence into the dossiers required by health technology appraisal bodies around the world and develop a range of focused communication tools
      Develop evidence packages for hospital-based products, including pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and medical devices
      Create tools for account managers and medical science liaisons to enhance communication tools for Field-Based Teams
      Communicate to stakeholders the impact innovation can have on patients, institutions, or health care systems.
      Optimize price, access, and reimbursement, including the use of innovative contracting approaches with payers worldwide

    Economic evaluations play a key role in informing strategic, organizational, and funding decisions. We can help you demonstrate the value of medicine through evidence-based health economic evaluation and real-world outcomes for optimal pricing, reimbursement, and coverage potential. Our capabilities include:

      Develop models of complex consumer decision making
      Develop, validate, adapt and assess decision-analytic models
      Develop cost-effectiveness, cost-utility analysis
      Develop budget impact analysis/ forecast
      Develop health economic analysis of sponsors’ product portfolio
      Detect the potential for health economic value propositions
      Perform analysis of sponsors’ health economics strategies and plannin
      Perform feasibility studies, run evidence appraisal and synthesis
      Offer insights into the quality of life, disability-adjusted life years, and other aspects that move beyond the clinical outcomes
      Perform instrument validation, develop outcome measures and clinical scales
      Perform decision trees, perform retrospective database analysis
      Perform microsimulation models

    Launch strategy requires constant attention and a real-time market pulse to optimize customer engagement, identify new competitive hurdles, manage risk, and invest with assurance. Our team is ready to help with:
      Launch planning
      Tracking and management
      Brand strategy and development
      Global pricing and market access strategy
      Disease awareness, medical advocacy strategy, and communications
      Forecast demand
      Track competitive landscape changes
      Deliver timely market insights to help differentiate your brand
      Quantify multi-indication product use

      Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing activities such as medical visits or marketing campaigns
      Personalize marketing campaigns using insights from neuroscience and behavioral science
      Evaluate the brand value and positioning on the market and design a comprehensive communication strategy for the company, portfolio, and brand strategy
      Understand the context of disease and patient populations such as unmet population needs, biomarkers, and genetic characteristics
      Understand market dynamics

    The Engine Behind The Know-how

    HDI Group integrates unparalleled data, transformative technology, advanced analytics, and domain expertise and puts it seamlessly within reach.
      Multiple data types from the world’s most reliable sources, constantly gathered, updated, and usably integrated.
      Domain experts worldwide can support you, from sales analytics and forecasting to competitive intelligence, data cleaning, and coding.
      Machine learning that projects future-facing, data-based insights.
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