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    Our company contracted HDI Group to help streamline our back-office processes. My team envisioned a straightforward business process optimization project, which is why as CEO I wasn’t planning on being directly involved. HDI Group however went above and beyond the initial requirement by identifying direct links between streamlined operational workflows and business model differentiators. This attracted my personal involvement in the project and resulted in upgraded marketing materials as well as adjustments to our go-to-market strategy.

    Liviu Nedelescu
    Avansys Solutions, CEO

    Ms. Pirjol has been providing services for the World Bank Group both in Washington D.C. and in Romania since 2013. The very strong experience and background as well as the professional relationships developed by the World Bank Task Team Leaders with Ms. Pirjol is proof of her professionalism

    Catalin Pauna
    Ex-Acting Country Manager, The World Bank Group (Country Office)

    Diana is a very gifted researcher, a vibrant and committed team member. Nonetheless, she stands out as someone able to think outside the box. One day come to me to ask me to be a key expert in a high-level event she was putting together between the World Bank Group, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other key organizations on a topic of her choice. I was very impressed by her ability to connect people at that level. I immediately offered her to work with me on a large operational project. We worked together on the technical evaluation of an operational project in the amount of Dollars 77.82 million, which aimed at strengthening the quality assurance policies governing the education of health professionals in Indonesia. Our project required constant communication with government counterparts and other World Bank staff. Because of Diana’s natural ability to present astute ideas effectively, I did not hesitate to entrust her to maintain communication with our partners and colleagues. Diana made considerable contributions to the evaluation report by critically appraising the monitoring and evaluation of the project among other things. I highly recommend Diana and her team.

    The World Bank Headquarter, HNP Unit
    Health Economist and Task Team Leader

    We have been working together with the HDI team on several projects and I was pleasantly surprised by their organized way of thinking and acting. One of the examples that come to mind is their excellent work for REDI. REDI provides access to specialists (lawyers, accountants, sales experts) as well as access to funding via partner microfinance institutions and banks to Roma and other vulnerable groups from Romania and Bulgaria. HDI Group team carried out a process evaluation and helped us re- define our monitoring and evaluation framework. We were very pleased with the results first because we learned about the implementation challenges. We also learned which services provided an added value and how these could be better designed to serve the needs of our beneficiaries. These findings set the base for our operational planning and what it has become the REDI investment fund. I highly recommend HDI Group and will certainly collaborate again.

    Petrica Dulgheru
    Roma Entrepreneurship Development Initiative, Executive Director

    Diana and her team has been providing consulting services in the pharmaceutical sector working with Insightdata in Romania since 2019 and up to the present time. The very strong experience and background as well as the professional working relationship developed by us with Diana and her team is proof in the continuation of her being enagged in various ongoing projects.

    Raluca Bacinschi

    Insightdata, Executive Director


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