Real-World Data Sets

    We provide the resources you need to collect the highest quality data rigorously to end the full circle.
    We do it through:
      Field data collection (F2F)
      Telephone data collection (CATI)
      Web-data collection (CAWI)

    We have strategic partnerships with hospitals and CROs, enhancing our access to anonymized patient records and medical charts. Data from physicians’ practices are collected, then processed, quality-checked and consolidated.

    HDS runs several cohort studies and has strategic partnerships with National and Regional registry centers, which allows us access to anonymized patient-level data.

    Claims collected from payers or HCPs. The data is captured from health insurers or health care providers.

    Applications of RWE

    Real-World Evidence can be used for many different objectives from pre-clinical to commercialization, as depicted below

    Preclinical Phase I-II Phase III Peri-Launch Phase IV
    Market Sizing Market Landscape Competitor Reconnaissance Registries Safety Surveillance
    Unmet Need Economic Burden Patient Burden Global BOls Continuous Monitoring
    Patient Profiling Disease History Treatment Patterns Target Product Profile Tailored Therapeutics
    Early Modeling Endpoint Development CE/BI Modeling CEAs & BlAs Health Technology Assessments
    Instrument Validation Endpoint Assessment Labeled Claims New Indication
    Global Value Dossiers Comparative Effectiveness
    Pricing & Reimbursement Risk Sharing Arrangements
    Market Sizing
    Unmet Need
    Patient Profiling
    Early Modeling
    Phase I-II
    Market Landscape
    Economic Burden
    Disease History
    Endpoint Development
    Instrument Validation
    Phase III
    Competitor Reconnaissance
    Patient Burden
    Treatment Patterns
    CE/BI Modeling
    Endpoint Assessment
    Global BOls
    Target Product Profile
    CEAs & BlAs
    Labeled Claims
    Global Value Dossiers
    Pricing & Reimbursement
    Phase IV
    Safety Surveillance
    Continuous Monitoring
    Tailored Therapeutics
    Health Technology Assessments
    New Indication
    Comparative Effectiveness
    Risk Sharing Arrangements

    The Engine Behind The Know-how

    HDI Group integrates unparalleled data, transformative technology, advanced analytics, and domain expertise and puts it seamlessly within reach.
      Multiple data types from the world’s most reliable sources, constantly gathered, updated, and usably integrated.
      Domain experts worldwide can support you, from sales analytics and forecasting to competitive intelligence, data cleaning, and coding.
      Machine learning that projects future-facing, data-based insights.

    Our Process

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