Our team of epidemiologists, biostatisticians, data scientists, and clinicians is here to help you achieve your business objectives from launch to commercialization. Notably, we can help optimize clinical trials and run epidemiological assessments. One data source may not fully answer a question, and therefore we use a combination of prospective and retrospective data sources. Learn about our data collection endeavors here.


    HDI Group provides the expertise you need in all clinical trial development stages using epidemiology and industry insights. HDI Group Company augments your company’s intelligence in running clinical trials by unveiling successful initiatives worldwide, predicting enrollment, or building local capacity. Our capabilities include:
      Design, plan and conduct clinical trials
      Establish the incidence and prevalence rate
      Collect and interpret the clinical trial data
      Post hoc analyses of clinical trials data to address emergent safety issues and secondary endpoints
      Carry out meta-analysis and network meta-analysis of pooled clinical trial data
      Predict and monitor trial enrollment, cost, and quality
      Evaluate the drug development pipeline by phase globally
      Identify top therapeutic focus areas, targets, and mechanisms
      Conduct ad hoc analyses of clinical trial data to address emergent drug safety issues and to analyze secondary endpoints, such as quality-of-life measures, in the trials
      Select sites, patients, and the required hospitals
      Develop economic analysis alongside clinical trials
      Run efficacy and safety analysis of phase I-IV clinical trials
      Indirect product comparisons across clinical trials when head-to-head trials are not available
      Run personalized or precision medicine analysis to identify high-value subgroups
      Optimize patient and compliance monitoring
      Evaluate the findings and methodological rigor of current trials running globally
      Analyze clinical trial data concerning efficacy and safety to address questions regarding the drug’s patent and the potential to make and sell a generic form before the patent’s expiration

    Pharmaceutical companies need an accurate, detailed picture of patient experience and outcomes in clinical trials and the real world to develop and deliver effective drugs. When RCTs are not feasible, several quasi-experimental and non-experimental studies could better monitor pathology evolution and therapeutic strategies. Our capabilities include:
      Identify promising gene and biomarker combinations for clinical trial stratification and analysis\ Understand the disease
      Characterize patient populations and identify subgroups of interest
      Understand the natural history of the disease/treatment pathway
      Determine the standard of care
      Identify unmet needs
      Identify suitable local comparators
      Run patient flow analysis/patient journey
      Run adherence studies
      Evaluate off-label use
      Identify molecular correlates of drug response based on internal and external screening data
      Run descriptive prevalence and incidence studies
      Run pharmacovigilance and spontaneous report adverse event analyses
      Run post-marketing drug safety epidemiology studies
      Use registries and run active surveillance
      Perform quality of life and patient-reported outcome studies

      Run risk-benefit analysis
      Demonstrate cost-effectiveness of drug therapy
      Develop procedures and instruments for patient-reported outcomes
      Develop analytical decision models
      Develop Budget impact analysis/ forecast
      Develop Health economic analysis of sponsors’ product portfolio
      Detect potential for health economic value propositions
      Detect need for health economic value defense lines
      Analyze sponsors’ health economics strategies and planning
      Run evidence appraisal and synthesis

    HDI Group integrates unparalleled data, transformative technology, advanced analytics, and domain expertise and puts it seamlessly within reach.

      Multiple data types from the world’s most reliable sources, constantly gathered, updated, and usably integrated.
     Domain experts worldwide can support you, from sales analytics and forecasting to competitive intelligence, data cleaning, and coding.
      Machine learning that projects future-facing, data-based insights.

    Technical Expertise

    Our close collaborators have studied globally at the top 10 universities (Cambridge, MIT, Johns Hopkins University, Harvard Univ., Clark Univ., LSE).
    To know more about our projects and training contact us.

    Ph.D. degree
    MD degree