We help leaders make
    more impactful decisions
    using data and evidence
    “We blend design, engineering,
    and analytics expertise to help
    you build the future.”

    We got started by doing things differently. We give you the opportunity to display genuine leadership, work with talented people from all corners of the globe and make significant difference in the lives of others. You will be able to facilitate social impact at a global scale by having exposure to a wide variety of clients.

    Our core values

    We believe that it is what we do today that determines how our future will look like. Hence, is important that we engage in projects that leads to a better future for our humanity and our environment

    Right from the beginning, you will get exposure to our analytical and business development meetings, which will provide you with the company’s depth and breadth and the sector

    We like to believe there is potential in every one of our employees. Hence, you would be involved in solving complex problems and challenged to think outside the box even if you are junior or intern in the organization

    You won’t be asked to work beyond the agreed time, and you will benefit from our wellbeing benefit package

    This could happen at the workspace or conferences and client meetings. This will give you the exposure you need to make yourself noticed in the industry and understand the business holistically

    There is nothing more important to us than seeing our teams work collaboratively. We want to give each employee the chance to grow and make an active contribution; transparency is the essential pillar

    Whether it is a technical, organizational, or personal issue, we listen carefully to our consultants. The organizational vibe has a significant role for us, and we do want our consultants to feel heard

    We will make sure you will have the resources you need to ensure your professional growth and life-long learning

    You won’t be micro-managed or required to be physically present at the office. Nonetheless, we expect that you will be able to respect the deadlines and develop mitigation strategies

    Celebrate with your team or explore your interests with our consultants across the globe. We invite you to join us at our book clubs and speaking events

    We like to believe we don’t compromise with honesty


    HDS is an attractive employer for MBA, Economics, Psychology-Neuroscience, Epidemiology, Mathematics, IT, Engineering graduates with quantitative, qualitative, or technological skills. Besides exciting and varied projects, we can offer you excellent professional development opportunities, comprehensive benefits, a collaborative work atmosphere together with highly motivated colleagues. Depending on the needs, you will be hired full-time or will work as a consultant part-time.

    Job openings

    Despite the current requirement of social distancing, we are still looking for reinforcement for our teams. Our entirely digital application procedure does not require a visit to one of our offices. All you need is a laptop or PC, a webcam, a headset, and an interest in a professional exchange with our experts. Due to the current situation, project work as a consultant and an analyst is carried out mainly remotely from the home office.

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    Your entry in a few steps

    2-4 weeks for application to contract offer

    Online Application
    Looking through your documents
    Induction Phase

    Enroll in our Expert Database

    In case you have limited time, but you are interested in sharing your opinion on how the health care or social sector should improve or share your experiences and the challenges you are confronted with, join our Expert Database.

    HDS has involved patients, healthcare professionals, patient organizations/ NGOs, and the general public in its projects and activities since the beginning. Now, HDS plans to create a pool of experts to strengthen patients’ role and voice, healthcare providers, NGOs, and the general public in its activities at both strategic and operational levels. Upon their preferences, the experts who are part of the pool would be invited on an ad-hoc basis to:

    1. Participate in studies to share your experience and perspective
    2. Provide inputs on HDS’s scientific strategy (annual priorities, topic development), such as early consultations/workshops, meetings
    3. Participate in HDS events
    4. Review the content of documents prepared for patients and the general public, public or private authorities

    Learn about our Recruiting Events

    Each year we organize recruiting events on University campuses or job fairs. 

    Put a calendar where the events can be seen

    In case there are no listings, reach out to us here.

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