“We have been working together with the HDI team on a number of projects and I was pleasantly
    surprised by their organized way of thinking and acting. One of the examples that come to mind is
    her excellent work for the Roma Entrepreneurship Development Initiative (REDI). REDI provides
    access to specialists (lawyers, accountants, sales experts) as well as access to
    funding via partner microfinance institutions and banks to Roma and other vulnerable groups
    from Romania and Bulgaria. HDI Group team carried out a process evaluation and helped us re-
    define our monitoring and evaluation framework. They screened REDI project appraisal
    documents, mid-term evaluations, and beneficiary assessments, and carried out questionnaires and
    focus groups with the implementation team and partnering organizations. We were very pleased
    with the results first of all because we learned about the implementation challenges. We also
    learned which services provided an added value and how these could be better designed to serve the needs of our beneficiaries. These are now being integrated in the extension of the program. I
    highly recommend HDI Group and will certainly collaborate again!”