“Diana is a very gifted researcher, a vibrant and committed team member. Nonetheless, she stands out as
    someone able to think outside the box. One day come to me to ask me to be a key expert in a high-level
    event she was putting together between the World Bank Group, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and
    other key organizations on a topic of her choice. I was very impressed by her ability to connect people at that
    level. I immediately offered her to work with me on a large operational project. We worked together on the
    technical evaluation of an operational project in the amount of Dollars 77.82 million, which aimed at
    strengthening the quality assurance policies governing the education of health professionals in Indonesia. Our
    project required constant communication with government counterparts and other World Bank staff. Because
    of Diana’s natural ability to present astute ideas effectively, I did not hesitate to entrust her to maintain
    communication with our partners and colleagues. Diana made considerable contributions to the evaluation
    report by critically appraising the monitoring and evaluation of the project among other things. I highly
    recommend Diana and her team”.