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    decisions using data and evidence
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    If you would like to work with us we would love to hear from you.

    Who we are

    We are an Advisory, Data Science, and Analytics company active in the healthcare field in 3 main industries: healthcare, life-science, and public sector. We possess full in-house capabilities to provide the very best strategic, operational, data analytics, data collection, and capacity building services. Next to these solutions, we also draw on areas of expertise within the group, including digitalization and machine learning algorithms.

    We value our highly talented employees, mostly graduates from the top 10 universities globally, to deliver a360-degree state-of-the-art client solutions due to our experience across domains and geographies. We have the autonomy to move fast, making us more agile and personal than traditional consulting firms.

    Apply for our services

    If you would like to work with us we would love to hear from you.

    What are our services

    HDI Group’s teams have the autonomy to move fast and do what’s right for our clients, making us more agile and personal than traditional consulting firms. While we provide tailored services by sector, our capabilities fall into five broad categories.

    1. Define strategy and governance structures
    2. Perform data collection and digitalization 
    3. Perform data analytics and modeling
    4. Train and publish
    5. Enhance existing data infrastructures

    Why choose us

    Do you lack the know-how or have limited time, staff, or money? Do you feel you have not reached your full potential? We are here to improve your organization’s effectiveness and help you overcome the challenges you face while continuing to have the greatest possible social impact. We have the know-how, resources, and skills to make this happen.

    Most of our experts have graduated from the top 10 Universities worldwide and are recognized experts in their field.

    We have access to vast information in the scientific literature and have established strategic partnerships with public, private hospitals, and other institutions to enhance our access to proprietary databases

    We bring in one place social, health, human data science, and technological expertise due to the multidisciplinary team structure we employ in our projects

    We deploy our in-house field and off-site agency for collecting and analyzing data

    We have the autonomy to move fast and do what’s right for our clients, making us more agile and personal than traditional consulting firms

    Compared to traditional consulting companies, we also have a social mission. We will provide your organization with affordable and high-quality consulting services. This way, we make sure your organization does not miss out, and we support the development of next-generation future social entrepreneurs’ leaders.

    We are grateful for our high-quality relationships with physicians, Medical College, KOLs, patient organizations, investment funds, and pharmacists on local markets

    We make use of our advanced analytical tools and set up strategic partnerships with John Snow Lab, Alphablock to bring to you the technology you need

    Our pharmacovigilance & GDPR processes in place are aligned with EMA & EC requirements

    Having worked in strategic projects for almost a decade with global and local health organizations, payers, hospitals, NGOs, the UN across geographies has allowed us to gain the breadth and depth of the healthcare and life-science field

    What are our industries of expertise

    There is no shortage of organizations that positively impact the world’s state to experience better health, economic and social outcomes. We are here to help!

    What can we offer

    We help leaders make more impactful decisions using data and evidence! We go beyond pure design and make a direct contribution to implementation. We are not afraid of going into depth, but at the same time, do not lose sight of the big picture by considering market trends.

    If needed, we will prepare you to swim against the tide

    No matter what your business is, the ability to cope with rapid, unexpected change has never been more vital. We help you anticipate trends, focus on the highest value-at-stake issues and opportunities, and create sustainable strategies that enhance your resilience and stand out in a crowded marketplace. We do this by drawing on our industry knowledge, advanced analytics capabilities provided by Ph.D. economists, and world-class business management experience. Generally, we can help you identify the most attractive positioning for capturing value, develop the concept to the commercialization stage, and enhance the customer experience.

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    Let’s make your data count

    Institutions have the data they need to make the best decisions for safety, stability, and prosperity. But too often, their data is fragmented and locked in silos. As a result, the front lines frequently don’t have the information they need when they need it most. Data collection, processing, and analysis are becoming increasingly important, and our hands-on experience in dealing with structured and unstructured data covers the whole data science spectrum – from classical linear regression through to innovative AI methods is what you need. We can help you organize your analytics team’s processes, select the right modeling approach, unify data from disparate units in one platform and implement it using the latest big data technologies. Generally, we can help you with process optimization, automation, and orchestration – from standard interfaces through to the use of process mining, robotic process automation, and workflow engines, deliver modern data platforms, beautiful dashboards, and game-changing AI solutions grounded in strategic thinking.

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    We blend design, engineering, and analytics expertise to help you build the future

    Data analytics has never been more critical. After we have helped you make your data computable, we can enable triangulation with various structured databases that are often siloed and draw inferences. Our experience tells us that companies that invest in digital tools, advanced analytics, and data literacy will not only navigate the COVID-19 pandemic more successfully but will empower more flexible, resilient cultures. Using insights from marketing, statistics, and epidemiology, we help our clients optimize their brand portfolio strategies and positioning, estimate market potential, find niche areas, optimize operations or loyalize their clients. Our insights from marketing, predictive analytics, and software empower entire organizations to quickly answer complex questions by bringing the right answers to the people who need it the most, unlocking new opportunities to cut costs, accelerate innovation, and win your customers’ hearts.

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    We have never met a technical challenge we didn’t like

    State-of-the-art IT architectures successfully integrate bespoke solutions and standard software. We can assist you with architecture design and the implementation of specialized systems. Our strengths include agile proprietary development of future-proof solutions using the latest technologies. Technology has become an integral component of most business models in companies across all industries.  From cloud-native apps, data pipelines to collaboration, we will help you get the most out of your technology investments while mitigating the risks that come with change. In these engagements, we integrate technology expertise with in-depth experience spanning an array of practice areas. We bring to bear our in-house consultants’ capabilities in modeling, analytics, software and hardware, data science, and machine learning. We believe that technology needs to be evaluated together with economic, financial, industry, or statistical issues.

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    Let’s redefine what is possible

    We have proven capabilities in collecting data through our call-center, field-work, focus group facilities, and web interview

    platforms. With our data scientists’ support, we can help you obtain a large amount of data over the internet using advanced searching techniques (Web scrapping, Python) to meet your needs. We offer international coordination and provide results in a variety of user-friendly formats. Our consultants bring in the expertise developed in organizations known as being the best in the field of data collection for rigorous evaluations such as the MIT, J-PAL, IPA, and the World Bank Group. We also have the pharmacovigilance & GDPR processes aligned with EMA & EC requirements and quality standards in place.

    Learn more about the work we do on strategy by sector!

    Knowledge is power! Let’s grow together

    We aim at improving clients’ ability to demand, consume and generate evidence. The range of activities can vary from light-touch support to help clients interpret results to intensive training on evaluation strategy, biostatistics, HEOR training, and hiring efforts to transition a client’s monitoring system.

    Learn more about the work we do on strategy by sector!


    Liviu Nedelescu
    Avansys Solutions CEO
    Our company contracted HDI Group to help streamline our back-office processes. My team envisioned a straightforward business process optimization project, which is why as CEO I wasn’t planning on being directly involved. HDI Group however went above and beyond the initial requirement by identifying direct links between streamlined operational workflows and business model differentiators. This attracted my personal involvement in the project and resulted in upgraded marketing materials as well as adjustments to our go-to-market strategy. HDI Group is a solid performer on projects where well-defined challenges dictate a best practice type solution. HDI Group is an outstanding performer when they are allowed to jointly explore the problem space with their clients and pursue the development of truly innovative solutions.
    Senior Health Expert
    “The HDI team challenged our assumptions based on which we have been operating for many years. Not only did we learn about the current status on the field but were able to enhance our operations through a model that is scalable. We highly recommend the HDI team and their services”
    The World Bank Headquarter, HNP Unit
    Health Economist and Task Team Leader
    “Diana is a very gifted researcher, a vibrant and committed team member. Nonetheless, she stands out as someone able to think outside the box. One day come to me to ask me to be a key expert in a high-level event she was putting together between the World Bank Group, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other key organizations on a topic of her choice. I was very impressed by her ability to connect people at that level. I immediately offered her to work with me on a large operational project. We worked together on the technical evaluation of an operational project in the amount of Dollars 77.82 million, which aimed at strengthening the quality assurance policies governing the education of health professionals in Indonesia. Our project required constant communication with government counterparts and other World Bank staff. Because of Diana's natural ability to present astute ideas effectively, I did not hesitate to entrust her to maintain communication with our partners and colleagues. Diana made considerable contributions to the evaluation report by critically appraising the monitoring and evaluation of the project among other things. I highly recommend Diana and her team”.
    The World Bank Group Romania
    Ex-Acting Country Manager
    “Ms. Pirjol has been providing services for the World Bank Group both in Washington D.C. and in Romania since 2013. The very strong experience and background as well as the professional relationships developed by the World Bank Task Team Leaders with Ms. Pirjol is proof of her professionalism”
    Executive Director
    “Diana and her team has been providing consulting services in the pharmaceutical sector working with Insightdata in Romania since 2019 and up to the present time. The very strong experience and background as well as the professional working relationship developed by us with Diana and her team is proof in the continuation of her being enagged in various ongoing projects. „
    Executive Director
    “We have been working together with the HDI team on a number of projects and I was pleasantly surprised by their organized way of thinking and acting. One of the examples that come to mind is her excellent work for the Roma Entrepreneurship Development Initiative (REDI). REDI provides access to specialists (lawyers, accountants, sales experts) as well as access to funding via partner microfinance institutions and banks to Roma and other vulnerable groups from Romania and Bulgaria. HDI Group team carried out a process evaluation and helped us re- define our monitoring and evaluation framework. They screened REDI project appraisal documents, mid-term evaluations, and beneficiary assessments, and carried out questionnaires and focus groups with the implementation team and partnering organizations. We were very pleased with the results first of all because we learned about the implementation challenges. We also learned which services provided an added value and how these could be better designed to serve the needs of our beneficiaries. These are now being integrated in the extension of the program. I highly recommend HDI Group and will certainly collaborate again!”

    Featured experts

    Our close collaborators have studied at the top 10 universities globally (Cambridge, MIT, Johns Hopkins University, Harvard Univ., Clark Univ., LSE). They have worked in the past for global companies (AT Kearney, Bain & Company, World Economic Forum, Analysis Group, Ropharma, PwC, GSK) and development institutions (the World Bank Group).