Focus Areas

      Help organizations establish processes to collect, store and standardize internal and external data
      Advice on infrastructure decisions related to data extraction, transformation, and storage
      Define data governance processes, including compliance, privacy, data dictionaries, and KPI definition
      Identify and develop business cases for creating ‘single source of truth’ datasets and ’360 view’ datasets
      Prioritize and design near real-time descriptive dashboards, to drive compliance and operational improvement
      Identify opportunities and approaches for the development and roll-out of predictive models
      Product and service design with a vital data component
      Establish processes to identify and develop data and digital-related roles, tools, and skills.

    Our Process




    Featured Benefits

      Reduce inefficiencies through automatization of the management of healthcare providers
      Improve allocation of resources through sensor monitoring of hospital beds’ availability
      Improve the flow of patients in the hospitals
      Improve optimization of the workflow by automating and digitizing tasks.
      Identify and prevent unnecessary care (referrals, visits, laboratory tests, etc.)
      Identify and prevent failure to adhere to best practices
      Identify and avoid duplication of services
      Identify and prevent non-optimized drug prescriptions (e.g., less use of generics than expected)
      Identify and prevent non-optimal use of infrastructure and medical equipment
      Identify and prevent low workforce productivity
      Identify and prevent detectable high-cost centers (e.g., population with a high number of readmissions, over-prescribing centers), errors (e.g., coding, claimed services not connectable to medical conditions), and frauds.

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