UN & State Institutions

      Design, collect and run economic impact analysis of existing policies and legislation’s impact on KPIs
      Design, collect and run the statistical and empirical analysis of existing policies and legislation’s impact on KPIs
      Design, collect and run a cost-benefit analysis of existing policies and legislation’s impact on KPIs

      Provide strategic support in restructuring, reorganization, and integration of patient organizations and public health institutions
      Run evaluation and capacity optimization
      Develop strategy development at the county, regional and national level
      Run competitiveness analysis, strategic planning
      Use scenario planning to support organizational’ s preparedness in light of COVID-19 pandemics
      Evaluate workforce governance and program infrastructure
      Evaluate workforce compensation and structure
      Run staffing alignment and optimization

      Evaluate the effectiveness of fundraising activities, improve their effectiveness
      Understand the context of disease such as unmet population needs, epidemiological profile (e.g., incidence, prevalence, mortality, survival rates)
      Evaluate the current status of healthcare services in term of access, quality of health care services, addressability
      Audit operational activities using qualitative and quantitative data to understand the main problems with an existing offering
      Offer design support, data collection, and implementation support of national or pilot operational programs
      Analyze pre-existing or newly generated data and redesign services or create new ones based on principles from behavioral science, public health, epidemiology, and economics
      Develop workflow redesign
      Development of integration platforms to support ¬
      Develop digital tools and behavioral change interventions to increase the quality of care, coverage, and retention

      Provide M&E support in designing data collection platforms, indicators or in evaluating the feasibility of existing ones
      Design and evaluate project performance from a cost-benefit, effective performance
      Evaluate budget impact and sustainability of investments in this direction, ROI
      Evaluate the impact, respectively, the success and effectiveness of programs and ward activities

    Develop the training syllabus and train your staff on topics related to:
      Correct allocation of expenses, fundraising strategy, user engagement, outreach
      Set up of M&E systems and indicators for monitoring the activity
      Subject topics are chosen on demand and client need