We work with the United Nations, NGOs, Foundations, and governmental agencies to help them solve significant challenges in various areas such as process optimization, needs assessment, and decision evaluations.

    Focus Areas

    Strategic and corporate partnerships/sponsorships, fundraising strategy, maximizing pay-to-use services, profitable events strategy, and grant selection

    Go-to-market strategy for new products and services, market expansion, and membership base growth

     Supply chain strategy, cost reduction, business model transformation, and process optimization

    Process evaluations systematically and empirically describe what happens during and after program implementation, then carefully compare this description to ex-ante expectations in the implementation plan and theory of change. Process evaluations can serve an audit or accountability function by examining whether planned program operations and achievements have occurred. They also serve a learning function by updating the theory of change and informing a client about where a theory of change decisions and actions are warranted and may provide insight into what these decisions should be.

    At its most basic level, machine learning involves creating algorithms that can be trained using existing data to make predictions or classifications on unseen data. In this definition, algorithms refer to various predictive functions, including regression (including regularized regression), decision tree models, clustering techniques, and neural networks. The data used in these projects may differ from other HDI Group projects, going beyond survey and administrative data to include “Big Data” sources such as images, satellite imagery, text data, and mobile phone records.

    Helping clients develop and refine service(s) to address a problem of interest among a target population. This will follow a diagnosis and recommend actions the client should take to address causes of poor outcomes. It might involve further stakeholder interviews, observations, data analysis, evidence review, ideation, critical thinking, and rapid prototyping of ideas. It is often followed by an impact evaluation or a process evaluation.

    We aim at improving clients’ ability to demand, consume and generate evidence. The range of activities can vary from light-touch support to help clients interpret results to intensive training on evaluation strategy, biostatistics, HEOR training, and hiring efforts to transition a client’s monitoring system.

    Social impact measurement, website and user experience design, social media strategy, and customer analytics

    Competitor analysis, volunteer acquisition and retention programs, funding models, and data collection

    A decision-focused evaluation is an experimental (or quasi-experimental) evaluation to estimate the causal impact of a policy, program, or intervention on one or more outcomes of interest. HDI Group designs and implements DFEs to inform client decisions on the construct of an intervention to continue, whether to scale up a particular program, and whether to continue funding one specific implementer or program. The impact can be defined relative to the status quo or an alternate intervention being considered.

    We build or improve upon a monitoring system that enables a client to collect actionable data on program indicators at regular intervals to facilitate performance management, promote learning opportunities throughout an organization (or across multiple organizations, as when working with a funder), inform real-time program improvements.

    Critical assessment of the status quo that yields hypotheses about the leading causes of poor outcomes. This will always include theory of change development and include gathering qualitative or quantitative data on program implementation, fundamental stakeholder interests, potential beneficiaries’ needs, and evidence review.

    In a rapidly changing environment, the ability to predict trends using real-time data and present these in an easy-to-understand manner becomes even more critical. Our capabilities include:

    • Help to forecast the market demand for new products or features and the success of marketing campaigns
    • Predict high users of medical services based on their diagnostic and prescription drug use history
    • Use social media analytics to evaluate general causation between services and client satisfaction
    • Efficiently analyze billions of mutual fund transactions across numerous file formats and platforms
    • Create custom analytics and dashboards that help companies develop adequate controls
    • Develop interactive platforms and web apps to help clients manage their data-intensive projects and metrics
    • Compile and managing large, complex datasets using proprietary client data as well as data from a variety of third-party data sources

    What Are Our Industries Of Expertise

    There is no shortage of organizations that positively impact the world’s state
    to experience better health, economic and social outcomes. We are here to help!

    We help clients solve significant product launch challenges, life cycle management, commercial strategy, valuation, and operations optimization.

    • Bio-pharmaceutical
    • Biotechnology
    • Medical Devices Startups
    • Small And Large Companies

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    We help clients answer questions related to risk pricing algorithms, provider reimbursement, patient incentives, performance enhancement, commercial strategy, process optimization, disease biology, a longitudinal progression of treatment outcomes, and therapeutic/diagnostic options.

    • Hospitals
    • Health Insurance Companies
    • Patient Organizations
    • Other Providers

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    Our focus is on the health and social sector. We help clients solve significant challenges in various areas such as process optimization, needs assessment, and decision evaluations.

    • United Nations
    • NGOs
    • Foundations
    • Governmental Agencies

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    Depending on the client’s needs, we are flexible and provide services outside the healthcare and life-science sectors.

    Our Clients

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